Summoners War Lost Centuria: How To Find Player ID?

Where to find the Player ID in Summoners War Lost Centuria?

Summoners War lost Centuria is a real-time strategy game coupled with a gripping solo storyline. The crux of the game is building a great line-up with your friends that can eventually thrash your enemies. To build an alliance with your friends you will need to share your player ID. With an array of characters to choose from all with different elemental abilities. Various abilities and levels of characters bring a nice layer of complexity. This makes the game about how you use the character cards and not about the character cards themselves. Let’s see where you can find the player ID in Summoners War Lost Centuria.

Where To Find Player ID In Summoners War: Lost Centuria?

Summoners War Lost Centuria player id
Finding the player’s Id isn’t very difficult in Lost Centuria. When on the home screen you will three dots on the corner of your screen. After clicking on them select the settings option on your screen, you will see the Player ID section. To help you identify, Player ID is a very long number, once you find the player ID share it with your friends. Sharing player IDs enable people to team up and form an alliance.

Alliances are really important in the game as they increase your chances of winning. Players can exchange cards in alliances, advise each other on how they can diversify their line-up, and do many more things. When the game revolves around PvP fighting every card in the line-up becomes very important, in such cases, even a card from your alliance can be a game-changer. There are paid as well as free cards in the games, alliances help you get access to some paid cards as well. Players can plan out their buys so they can benefit both the partners of the alliance.

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