Subway Surfers Mod: What Do You Get in the Mod Version?

How better is the mod for Subway Surfers than the original on to find out

Tired of running endlessly, jumping hurdles, swapping tracks, performing front rolls, and mid-air turns, all for the sake of out-running a policeman and his dog! Well, that was the gist of what you would usually do when playing Subway Surfers. But now, Subway Surfer mods have taken matters into their own hands and changed the Subway Surfers gaming experience. How? Well, they took it to a whole new level by adding elements and features that will make the game even more fun.

What do you get in Subway Surfer Mod?

These are a few features that are modified in Subway Surfer mod:

Infinite Coins

Those gold coins you are so desperately trying to accumulate throughout the game as you run along, are limitless now. The modded coin bar is set to some random multi-billion number and you can buy whatever you wish in the game store.

Infinite Keys

Remember all those times you tumbled over and got caught by the policeman and his dog, but your distance traveled was unexpectedly high and you wished you could revive yourself to break that record. But alas! You were out of keys, as earning keys is much more difficult than coins in the game, and with every revival, the game demands double the number of keys to revive further. Well, now that you have infinite keys in your modded version, you can leisurely revive yourself and break your own distance records at ease.

Unlimited Powerups

Undeniably the best feature of the game, the 4 basic powerups- coin magnet, super sneakers, jetpack, and 2X coin multiplier are in infinite supply now. You no longer need to gather up your savings to buy these powerups which lasted for a few seconds at the start of the game and poof! vanished after single-use. Playing a modded version allows you to use them endlessly throughout the game. Now you can fly on your jetpack without worrying about the fuel getting over.

All Hoverboards Unlocked

Another fan-favorite item, the hoverboard comes in more than 100 different styles and costs a fortune. With all the hoverboards unlocked, you go on and enjoy every hoverboard you like, maybe try out every one of it and soak in the true essence of every item in the game.

All Characters Unlocked

Bored of playing with Jake as your character? You can now play the fan favorites – Tricky, Yutani, Ninja and Tagbot, each of which cost you thousands of coins or special items to unlock. And not only them, you now have access to 84 more characters, each with a different running dynamic hence ensuring to keep you entertained for a long while.

All Skins/Outfits Unlocked

If you’ve ever wished to buy your character a new outfit in-store or a limited edition seasonal outfit, don’t worry. With the mod, you just have to find a wardrobe big enough to fit all the unlocked skins and wear them at your leisure.

World Tour Cities Unlocked

Every world tour city that ever existed in the Subway Surfers, be it a limited time offer or a seasonal release, the Subway Surfers mods have them all. There are exclusive mods for every World tour which have all the above features in common. As of now, we have San Francisco, Mexico, Beijing, Rome, Miami, Sydney and many more to come.

So, this is what you will get in Subway Surfers mod. Check out our Mod guides section for more mods on popular games.