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Subnautica Below Zero: How To Reach The Deep Purple Vents?

Deep purple vents goes 480 meteres down the surface in Subnautica: Below Zero. They have some artifacts and items like the ion cube.

Deep Purple Vents go down to 480 meters below the surface. A hard-to-reach spot, in Subnautica Below Zero. Players will have to venture into the deepest places of oceans in search of some exclusive items. Deep purple vents are one such place that you will visit which is located at the very depths of the game. Navigating your way through can be very difficult as it gets darker the deeper you go.

Fastest Way To Reach Deep Purple Vents?


We will begin the journey from the start point of the game and not the drop pod. From here you will have to move in the direction 2 ticks right of the south on the compass. The deep purple vents (as per its name) are very deep so we recommend you use the Sea truck and also upgrade it as much as you can. After heading in that direction and you will pass the twisty bridges, keep moving until you see the Research center. From the research center start heading ahead and downwards in the Southeast direction. You will reach the Volcanic vents area, take a slight left and stick to the edge of the biome while heading forward.

Subnautica Below Zero Deep purple vents

You will see the seabase below you changing, that is because you are slowly entering the Purple vents area. There is a direct route as well but that is full of Leviathans which will damage your Sea truck completely. Sticking to the sides is a safer route and players with basic sea trucks can also reach the Deep purple vents. You will see curvature in the edge of the Purple vents. Keep going along it and you will see a drop area.


Head into the drop and you will see some wreckage of the Mercury 2 ship. Just below the crashed ship, you will see a straight drop. Head right into it, and at 300 meters of depth, you will reach the Deep Purple Vents. There are multiple items in the deep purple vents like the Ion cube and some artifacts as well.

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