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Subnautica Below Zero: Where To Find Marguerit’s Greenhouse?

This article will help you in locating Marguerit’s Greenhouse in Subnautica Below Zero.

Subnautica Below Zero follows Robin on her quest to find her sister on the alien planet 4546B. While exploring the planet and escaping from the crazy sharks you do bump in Marguerit. The first meeting isn’t very pleasant as she scares Robin and is threatening her. While threatening she uses Alterra as well which is enough for Robin to find her and get some information about her sister. While Marguerit might have some information but for that, you will have to locate her. Let’s see where to find Marguerit’s Greenhouse in Subnautica Below Zero.

Where To Find Maraguerit’s Greenhouse In Subnautica Belo Zero?


Subnautica Below Zero Marguerit Greenhouse
Marguerit’s Greenhouse is located in the East Arctic Biome, in the biome’s southeastern portion. Players unlock the Greenhouse after hijacking the communications tower, so make sure you have done that before heading towards Marguerit. We will start from the drop pod and set the direction to 2 ticks left of Southeast. You need to head 1535 meters in that direction, the greenhouse is on land so don’t go deep. You will find many icebergs on your way, just keep checking the distance and at 1535 meters you will see an iceberg in front of you. Go over it and head out of the pod onto the shore. Take a left and enter a cave, take the first right, take a U-turn upwards, and when you reach the top, you will see the Greenhouse.

On Land follow the glowing sticks as they will lead you towards the Greenhouse. The greenhouse is full of items as well. After you are done talking to Marguerit make sure you scout through the Greenhouse well. Reaching Marguerit’s Greenhouse is important to advance the main storyline in Subnautica Below Zero, so keep this high on your priority list.

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