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Ice Worm: Subnautica Below Zero Fauna Guide

A terrifying creature that lurks under the Icy Plains.

The Ice Worm is a Leviathan Class Fauna that can be found in Subnautica Below Zero. It is usually seen in the Arctic Spires biome in the game. These creatures are huge, 95 meters to be exact. Ice Worms are supremely territorial and are always lurking below the icy terrain. Now that you know the basics, let’s get to know more about the Ice Worm.

Where to find the Ice Worm in Subnautica Below Zero


Subnautica Below Zero: Ice Worm | Fauna Wildlife Guide
The Ice Worm is found in the Arctic Spires biome.

You will find the Ice Worm in the Arctic Spires biome. The Ice Worm won’t swim. It only operates under icy surfaces. Ice Worms are pretty aggressive. So, make sure that you tread lightly. They also act as Ambush predators, ready to jump out for a snack. You can use a thumper to avoid them. Using a thumper will set off a loud noise. Due to this noise, the Ice Worms won’t come out anywhere near to your character. They are the only known non-extinct land-based leviathans on Planet 4546B.



The Ice Worm looks like, well, a worm. Ice Worms have a thick exoskeleton. Their outer body has backward-facing spikes. The spikes help the Ice Worm to burrow into the ground easily. The head of the Ice Worm is in the shape of a horn. This is its toughest body part and also the main part that helps it with the burrowing process.

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Ice Worm Behavior


As mentioned, Ice Worms are territorial. They will attack at the slightest provocation. While they don’t seem to have eyes, they use the ground vibrations to track their prey. Once it has a lock on its target it will jump out of the ice and dive headfirst with the horn. You can use Sonic Devices to distract the Ice Worm.

Before attacking, the Ice Worm will let out a bellowing roar. This signals its intent to attack. Usually, the Ice Worm will go after Snow Stalkers. It can also perform a poke attack from under the ground so beware of that. We will ask you to stay away from the Ice Worm. It is pretty aggressive and if you are far away from your thumper you’re as good as worm food.

This is everything you need to know about the Ice Worm in Subnautica Below Zero. While you are here you can even have a look at How To Find Frozen Leviathan as well as How to get Aerogel.