Pilot Last Known Position In Subnautica Below Zero

This is where you will find Last Known Position Subnautica Below Zero

When you lose your sister in an unknown underwater world of Subnautica Below Zero, you will do anything in your power to find her. When you realize that a former pilot named Marguerit Maida may know something about her, you will want to take your chances to find her and get any information that you can. You will try to find her base but you may fave some difficulties while at it. So in this guide, we will tell you where to find the Pilot – Last Known Position in Subnautica Below Zero.

Pilot – Last Known Position in Subnautica Below Zero

Your motive in this mission is to take out information from Marguerit whether she has seen your Sister Sam.
Marguerit Subnautica
You will see the ‘Pilot-Last Known Position’ in the southeast direction from your life pod. You will pass from the thermal spires biome and Purple Vents biome of Subnautica Below Zero. Go in that direction and you would be met with a rugged-looking seabase. The entry for this base is from down below where you will enter the Marguerit Maida’s Prawn Suit.

There will be a passage that the players need to follow which will lead to a closed door. As soon as you open the door, you will be jump scared by pet Snow Stalker. This is Marguerit’s pet and you will come face to face with her in Subnautica Below Zero. She may not be so happy that you barged in her seabase which will be evident from the tone of her dialogue. Maida will be naive and will ask you to prove that you are not on Alterra’s side by disabling their tracking satellite.

Marguerit Maida Hints

Test Override Module Fragment Subnautica

She then hints that she might know something about your sister if you do disable the tracking satellite in Subnautica Below Zero. Just as she leaves for the other room, she drops another hint. It is about the junk that is lying on the table. She mentions that she cannot get it to work and you might want to check it. Saying that she will leave and her pet Snow Stalker will block your way.
As you scan the materials, you will get the blueprint of the ‘Test Override Module’. Now you can go ahead and craft it and proceed in the storyline to take help from Maida.

So that is all for our guide on in Subnautica: Below Zero. If you would like to know some pretty cool console commands and cheats for the game or how to see coordinates, make sure you check those articles out too.