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Best Base Building Locations In Subnautica Below Zero

Here is where you will have the best underwater base in Subnautica Below Zero.

While choosing a base location in Subnautica Below Zero, you have to keep in mind a lot of things since this is going to be your home for the rest of the game. You need to find locations that safe, resource-rich and are buildable. There are a lot of other aspects like the overall area around the location and whether you can build a base that can be self-sufficient since that will help you immensely with your survival. So here are some of the best locations in Subnautica Below Zero to build your base building.

Few things that you should always look out for while building the base are the accessibility of the base with the biomes to save your travel time, the availability of basic resources, a source of unlimited energy, and a flat surface to build on. Everything else will be an add-on.


1. Tree Spires Location

Location 1 Base Sumnautica
This location is basically the midpoint on the map from where you can access all the important quest locations around. In the Tree spires biome, right next to the vent garden will be the best place to build your base. Yes, it is dangerous due to the creatures hanging out there. But if you take the route from the grand canyon, you will pass right below the creatures. This will save a lot of time trying to travel and find the locations all around the map. Not just that, all the valuable resources required for your survival will be available right around your base easily without traveling distances.

2. South of Your Life Pod


Location 2
As soon as you exit your life pod, go south about 20m from there. Here you will see that there is an intersection of a couple of biomes. Any kind of intersection is one of the best placed to build your base building. This is because each biome in Subnautica Below Zero has its own unique resources and items that are important for your survival. Building your base here will give your access to all the resources to that particular biomes at once instead of just one biome. This location is also very safe as compared to other locations and you can come in and out of this location safely. The basic necessities resources that you will need in your everyday life like food, water, etc in the game will be easily available here.

3. Next to Delta Island

Location 3
Anywhere on the shore of Delta Island would be a good idea to have your base building location in Subnautica Below Zero. This location also has direct access to twisty bridges which are loaded with blueprints, resources and is the location to a number of quests in the same. You will also be able to make use of the land for planting thermal plants and solar panels. A number of things in this underground world will need energy to function. If you manage to passively generate energy, your work will be cut down in half and the chances of survival will be much more concrete. Apart from that, the glacial basins are easily accessible from here and you can make use of the land nearby to keep some of your equipment and not crowd out your base.


4. Near Rocket Island

Location 4
If you see the map of Subnautica, you will notice that the Rocket island is right in the middle of the game map. So, clearly, being the midpoint has its own advantage. Every other biome will be accessible from this location more easily than any other location and the direct access to the Rocket Island will definitely be a great added advantage. This location has an active mining site below which will give you some of the rarest resources and an infinite supply of thermal energy from the mining site. This will power your base without any kind of grind.

5. Twisty Bridges Biome

Twisty Bridges
This biome is one of the most aesthetically pleasing biomes in Sunbautica below Zero and hence will give you the best vies of the world underwater. But of course, you need a home that is more than just a pretty view. That will be covered by this biome too. There are ample resources, both basic survival ones and the rarest ones that will help you sustain in the game. The biome is relatively safe and is the location that you will have to be in repetitively to progress in the game.


So that is all for our guide on best base building locations in Subnautica Below Zero. If you would like to know how to get all the Achievements in the game, we have an article on that too for you to check out.