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Subnautica Below Zero: How To Find Architect Artifact Q59?

Let’s see how to get your hands on the rare Architect artifact Q59 in Subnautica Below Zero

There are a lot of resources and armor upgrades to be unlocked in Subnautica Below Zero. A common way to unlock things is by getting their blueprints and using them to build the same at your base. The architect artifacts although difficult to find provide you with a variety of blueprints of Ion batteries, power cells, etc. The more artifacts you scan, the more precious blueprints you unlock. One such architect artifact is the Q59 which is an alien statue. Let’s see how to find the Architect artifact Q59 in Subnautica Below Zero.

How To Find The Architect Artifact Q59 In Subnautica Below Zero?


Subnautica Below Zero Architect artifact
Players need to start their quest from the Delta island south which is at the south of the drop pod. This one is buried deep so we recommend you use the Depth Module Mark 1 sea truck which is better at exploring depths. You can use other ships as well but they will need some extra oxygen tankers. Take the truck and start heading exactly down towards the lava geyser, look around you will find the geyser’s exit point somewhere around the south. Head until you are at the crossroads and then turn left towards another geyser. Once you are the second geyser head towards the southeast, and go a bit downwards where you will find the third geyser. Get over the third geyser and head towards the southeast again, this will lead you to a big area with multiple lava geysers.

Go towards north from that big area, head towards the oxygen plant, and from the plant turn left. On your left, you will see a tunnel leading to another geyser, turn left, and head forward, after some distance you will see the entrance to the copper mining site downwards on your south. Enter the copper mining site, follow the rails and when the rails turn, head straight in the tunnel don’t turn with them. The sea truck won’t go beyond a certain point, enter the cave yourself and you will see the Architect artifact Q59. Scan it to unlock your blueprints.

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