Fortnite Stuck On Connecting Screen Fix (2023)

Here's how to fix Fortnite Stuck on Connecting Screen error/issue.

Once in a while, Fortnite players may come across the dreaded ‘stuck on connecting screen‘ issue which will bring their plans of playing the game to a halt. Is it due to too many players or is it because Fortnite is down? Know the reason why this error comes up and what you can do from your end to fix it.

Fortnite How to Fix Stuck on Connecting Screen Problem?

how to fix fortnite connection issue

  • First, ensure that your internet connection is stable because that could be one of the reasons for getting this issue. Restart your router or try using your hotspot to check.
  • Another thing you can do is restart the game and try to connect again.
  • But if your internet is not a problem, then all you can do is wait until Epic resolves it.

With the launch of a new update, season or a new chapter, huge number of players flock to the game which can cause server overload. Epic did add the queue system to combat this problem but now there’s a new issue and that’s the ‘stuck on connecting screen’ error. During this, you will be unable to login and play.

Don’t worry though, because if the problem is not major, Epic will fix it in some time. Keep an eye on the official @FortniteStatus account (turn on notifications if you’d like) and you will know the updates regarding the resolution straightaway. If they have posted something related to the connection issues, there is no need to reinstall the game because the problem is from the developers-side.

This is all you need to know about the Fortnite stuck on connecting screen issue and fixes. With the new update upon us, we’ve got quite a few Fortnite guides on Gamer Tweak that you can check out to level up fast.