Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Stuck In Crouch – How To Fix Sneak Glitch

Paarth Wadke
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In Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, many players are facing the “sneak mode” bug where players are stuck in the crouch position. In this glitch, players are unable to stand up and run. If you too are one of them, then this fix guide is made just for you. Some players faced this glitch after fighting an enemy. Moreover, many players are not able to hide while in this position. This can be a huge problem if you’re facing a strong enemy. In this guide, we will tell you how to fix it.

Skyrim: How to Fix “Stuck in Crouch” Glitch

Stuck in Crouch Skyrim
Image Source: JDM Skyrim

If you’re stuck in the crouch position in Skyrim, head over to any interactable object like a chair, workbench, or any piece of furniture, and interact with it. Then, get up from it or move forward to stand up. Alternatively, you can try loading the game from the save point before this glitch took place.

This error may occur if you save the game while sneaking. Some players faced this issue inside the draugr or other dungeons. In these dungeons, you may not find any piece of furniture. In this case, look for an ore vein or a bench. Any kind of interactable object that forces animation will fix this issue.

Many players tried fixing the issue by re-loading the game, walking to another area, turning off the console, and restarting it. However, these methods will not work. Going back to the save point before the glitch happens works as well. However, you may lose all the progress after the point. So we recommend you use the furniture method.

That’s everything from us on how to fix the “Stuck in Crouch” glitch in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. If you liked this guide, then we recommend you check more like how to use duplication glitch in our Skyrim guides section.