Warcraft Rumble Stuck At 50% On Loading Screen Fix

Here’s how to get past 50% on the Warcraft Rumble loading screen.

Warcraft Rumble has millions of players and most of them are drawn from the WoW fanbase, and you know why. This enchanted adventure from Blizzard has proved to be extremely fun and challenging. However, there this is an unknown bug keeping the fans from enjoying the game. Strangely, the loading screen gets stuck on 50% whenever someone tries to start Warcraft Rumble.

Our guide here features some solutions that can help you to get past 50% on the launch screen. So if you are facing this issue, be sure to stick to the end.

How to Get Past 50% on Warcraft Rumble Loading Screen

Warcraft Rumble Stuck At 50% On Loading Screen Fix

If your game is not loading for 15-20 plus minutes, then you can try out these fixes:

Check for Update

According to some players on Reddit, downloading a pending update fixed the issue. So if you haven’t installed or even checked for an update, I suggest you do so. There’s a great chance that the developers have rolled out a fix with the update.

Wait for the Game to Load

For some players, the game miraculously got past 50% on the launch screen after patiently waiting for a while. Before you try out this method, I suggest you switch your Internet Connection first. There’s a decent chance that Warcraft Rumble is stuck at 50% due to a slow network connection.

Reinstall Game

If nothing else works, then you can try reinstalling the game from PlayStore or App Store. If this issue has arisen due to corrupted files, then installing new ones will definitely fix the issue.

For now, the above is all you can do to fix the issue where Warcraft Rumble gets stuck at 50% on loading screen. Aside from this issue, this RTS game is enjoyable. If you are planning to master it, then make sure to check out our dedicated section for Warcraft Rumble on Gamer Tweak.