Stronghold Warlords: How To Rotate Buildings

Here's how to rotate a building in Stronghold Warlords.

Stronghold Warlords, the latest installment in Stronghold’s main series focuses on the vast territories of Eastern Asia including the Chinese, the Japanese, the Mongols, and the Vietnamese. The main essence of the game is still managing castles, the economy, and building armies. Units can be recruited from the. Players can build barracks or the military academy to recruit units, industrial buildings to build up supplies, and also build various fortifications to protect themselves. The right way of placing your building within the fortification is necessary as the game is a tile radius-based RTS. So here’s how to rotate a building in Stronghold Warlords.

How to Rotate a Building in Stronghold Warlords?

Rotate Buildings Stronghold Warlords

To rotate a building in Stronghold Warlords, you can simply select the building & use your mouse scroll wheel to get the right orientation you want your building to face. You can also use 1 and 2 keys in your keyboard apart from spinning the mouse wheel forward or backward. This is very useful in reducing the number of tiles between your military units to spawn and reach the battlefield. Also, even give your worker units can travel less distance to cover between armory and workshops. It this also useful to place & rotate a building as close to the action. This is helpful in both offensive and defensive situations. Make sure to experiment with different rotations in tiles and layouts to get the best defensive position for your fortified stronghold.

Players can also engage in a new aspect of battle: diplomacy, which boils down to controlling newfound non-player characters, warlords. The game comes with updated visuals and a redesigned user interface.

That’s everything you need to know about how to rotate a building in Stronghold Warlords. While you are here, get more tips & tricks by checking out more of our Video Game Guides.