How To Strip The Ball In Madden 24

Learn how to get the ball out in Madden NFL 24. You can master the controls and timing to force fumbles on defense.

In Madden NFL 24, one of the most critical skills on defense is knowing how to properly time a hit on the ball carrier to force a fumble. Successfully stripping the ball from the offense and creating a turnover can completely swing the momentum in your favor. In this guide, we will explain how to strip the ball in Madden 24.

Strip The Ball Controls in Madden 24 (PS, Xbox, PC)

How to Strip the Ball in Madden 24

Stripping the football from the ball carrier can be a game-changing move in Madden 24. When trying to force fumbles on defense, it’s important to consider which offensive players are more secure with the ball. Running backs and tight ends specializing in power running often have a very protected carry, making it difficult to poke the ball loose. You’ll have more success targeting wide receivers or quarterbacks who aren’t as focused on ball security.

Here are stripping controls for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC:

  • On Xbox: Press the RB button while in defensive pursuit of the ball carrier.
  • On PlayStation: Press the R1 button while pursuing the ball carrier on defense.
  • On PC: Press the Space button while following the ball carrier.

When to Attempt a Strip?

Firstly, getting close to the ball carrier before attempting a strip is better. It’s much harder to strip if you are not nearby. Also, you can try stripping in multi-player tackles. It is more effective when multiple defenders wrap up the ball carrier. Attempt to wrap around strips from behind the ball carrier. Reaching around from the backside can knock the ball loose.

These are some factors that impact stripping the ball:

  • Player ratings: Defenders with high hitting power, tackle, and interception rates will be more successful.
  • X-Factors: They can improve the dodging ability of certain defenders. Abilities such as Unstoppable Force help.
  • Situation awareness: Only go for a strip when it makes sense, given the game situation and position on the field.

That’s all about how to strip the ball in Madden 24. You can explore more Madden 24 Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.