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BitLife Street Hustler Guide (How to Get the Skills)

Here's how to get the BitLife Street Hustler update and how to get good at it.

BitLife got a new update and it’s been one of the most requested features from InstLife. The ability to become a Street Hustler. So now finally you can beg for money, perform for money, or even cheat people of their money from the streets. So today we will look at how to get the BitLife Street Hustler update and how to get good at it.


How to Get & Become Street Hustler in BitLife Update

How to Get the BitLife Street Hustler Apk Update
Image Courtesy: Ausvin King (YT)

To get the BitLife Street Hustler update, you need to buy the DLC “Street Hustler” job pack. This will unlock 4 new careers focused on hustling on the streets. Here’s how to choose them:

  1. Get BitLife Street Hustler job pack
  2. Then click on the “Occupation” tab
  3. From here select “Special Careers”
  4. Then click on “Street Hustler”
  5. You will have 10 streets to choose from names like:
    • Maddie Con Dr
    • Bunghole Blvd
    • Tapo Canyon Rd
    • Walnut Ct
    • S Ginger Ct
    • Zephyr Ave
    • Wong Way
    • Zeus Ct NW
    • S Jupiter DR
    • Hillcrest St SE
  6. Streets will affect your career according to 3 factors:
    • Traffic
    • Crime
    • Police
  7. Now you need to choose your hustle
  8. Available Hustles are:
    • Busker
      • Hit the streets with an instrument
    • Panhandler
      • Get on your knees and beg
    • Scam Artist
      • Get your scam on
    • Street Performer
      • Entertain the masses
  9. Then configure your hustle in the next window
  10. Once done, click on the “Get to work” button
  11. Now you can hustle on the streets

How to Get Better at Street Hustle in BitLife

To get better at Street Hustle in BitLife, you need to pick streets with the highest ‘Traffic’ possible. The more people see you, the more chances to make money daily in the game. If you are using fake props for Panhandling or planning to become a successful Scam Artist, then you need to pick a street with the least ‘Police’ presence. Having a high ‘Crime’ rate will help you to hide among other street crimes. But this also means fewer people to scam, and being a Busker or Street Performer, you have a high chance to be a victim of a crime on that street. So you need to choose the street as per the hustle you selected. Apart from this make sure to have experience and increase your skills by taking music lessons or continuing learning your instruments for Busker & Street Performer.

So that’s everything you need to know about how to get the BitLife Street Hustler update and how to get good at it. For more Bitlife tips and tricks, check out our Bitlife Guides on Gamer Tweak.