Best Strawberry Crepe Cookie Topping In CRK

Wondering how you can make Strawberry Crepe Cookie stronger? Take a look at the best Topping build and you'll be good to go.

Cookie Run Kingdom features a plethora of characters that can be used to fight the dark enchantress. And in this battle, the Strawberry Crepe cookie can surely come in handy. This Epic cookie is good at dealing damage and its recommended position is in the front. If you’ve also unlocked this defensive cookie but wondering how you can make it stronger, then we have got you covered. In this guide, we have mentioned the best Strawberry Crepe cookie topping to use in CRK.

What is the Best Topping for Strawberry Crepe Cookie in CRK?

What is the Best Topping for Strawberry Crepe Cookie in CRK

In CRK the best Topping that you can use for Strawberry Crepe Cookie is 5x Solid Almond Toppings. As the cookie is good at dealing damage, the topping will boost the Defense stat. That’ll give extra protection for the rest of the cookies, allowing them to recover their skill cooldown. If enhancing the Defense doesn’t suit your playstyle, then you can always use 5x Swift Choco Toppings. Which will decrease the cookie’s skill cool-down period. For those who are unaware, the Strawberry Crepe Cookie skill is known as Crepe Thrust which causes a good amount of Area of Damage (AoT). For more skill stats detail, scroll down and you’ll be good to go.

  • Damage: 330%
  • Cooldown Period: 15 seconds

Players can even use a combination of Solid Almond & Swift Choco toppings for better results. If you are still unsatisfied with the topping build then take a look at all the toppings listed below and choose according to your preferences.

Topping Effect
Bouncy Caramel Increases ATK Speed
Fresh Kiwi Weakens Debuff Effects
Hard Walnut Increases Defense
Healthy Peanut Increases HP
Hearty Hazelnut Increases CRIT Resist
Juicy Apple Jelly Increases CRIT %
Searing Raspberry Increases ATK
Solid Almond Increases DMG Resist
Sweet Candy Amplifies Buff
Swift Chocolate Decreases Cooldown Period

That sums up all about which is the best CRK Topping for Strawberry Crepe Cookie. While you are here check out Pumpkin Pie Toppings. For more tips & tricks check out other Cookie Run Kingdom guides.

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