Can You Go Straight To The Final Boss In TOTK? (Answered)

Wondering if you can get to Ganondorf straight away in Tears Of The Kingdom? While in most Zelda games one went through the story quest in a definite pattern, Breath Of The Wild introduced players to an open-world system where even coming face-to-face with Calamity Ganon in Hyrule Castle without going through various main questlines of the game was possible. And players who did exactly that would be wondering if they could do the same in the recent installment. Well rest assured, this guide will explain and answer whether you can head straight toward the Final Boss in Zelda TOTK.

Can I Go Straight to the Final Boss in Zelda TOTK?

ganondorf tears of the kingdom

Simply put, yes you can head directly toward the final boss even before completing other quests in Tears Of The Kingdom. But this time around it comes with its catch and even more challenges. Like BOTW, players will have to first go through a set of tutorials on Sky Islands while also unlocking the four shrines & completing the Legend Of The Great Sky Island Quest. The immediate thing to do after you complete the quests and dive down to the lands of Hyrule will be to get your hands on the Paraglider. This will help you descend depths and chasms in the game. Once done, you can now come across and face Ganondorf in a battle but facing him at the start of the game is nothing less than a suicide. Now that we have warned you here is where the boss is located.

Where is Ganondorf located in Zelda TOTK?

ganondorf location tears of the kingdom

More than halfway through the prologue players will be familiar with the situation of Hyrule Castle. It also gives a hint as to where the boss and princess are located in the game. As the castle rose in the skies, Ganondorf along with the debris fell into the depths of the Hyrule Castle Chasm. This is why exploring the castle this time around makes your efforts futile. You will have to make your way to the depths simply by diving down and using your Paraglider. Although you will have to be even more careful as there is plenty of Gloom and several enemies from Moblins to Silver Lynel down here ready to kill you.

After which you will come across Ganondorf’s army in the long gauntlet. Defeating them won’t end your trouble there as every dungeon boss you have ignored so far in the game will fight you one by one right here. You can only go forward and face Ganondorf once you beat all of them. Once done, players can face the final boss and also save Princess Zelda in the process.

That is everything covered on whether or not you can face the final boss in Zelda TOTK. And if you are committed to going through the game before facing the final boss, here is our guide on how you can beat Ganondorf in Tears Of The Kingdom.