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How To Unlock Stormzy In Watch Dogs: Legion

Stormzy has a cameo in Watch Dogs: Legion. You can even watch his latest music video in the game. Check out if you can play as Stormzy in WDL

Stormzy in Watch Dogs: Legion has a small but important cameo in the game, this has brought up questions like can you play as Stormzy in the game. If you are wondering about the same, well we’ve got all the answers for you.


Can You Play As Stormzy In Watch Dogs: Legion

For the uninitiated, Stormzy is a rapper and a behemoth of the grime scene in London and makes a cheeky appearance in Watch Dogs: Legion. Sadly, players cannot play as Stormzy, but there’s a silver lining to this as you can get this entire apparel.

Stormzy comes up in the game when you’re invested pretty much and you will need to help sort out the broadcast of his new music video titled Rainfall.

how to unlock stormzy in watch dogs legion

While players cannot get to play as Stormzy, having his threads isn’t that bad of a deal as well. You get to deck yourself out in all white, his signature looks in the game.

How To Unlock Stormzy Rainfall Music Video In Watch Dogs: Legion


Stormzy like most of the people in Watch Dogs: Legion has infuriated Albion and is wanted for civil disobedience and for supporting the resistance. This brings him in contact with DedSec and you will need to recruit Nowt to unlock the Stormzy Rainfall music video.

In Watch Dogs: Legion you will come across characters like 404, Nowt, and Skye Larson, once the Skye Larson mission storyline is over, Nowt will join DedSec and will be present at the Safehouse.

She will keep on handing out missions, and in one of those missions, she tells you that she’s been contacted by Stormzy.

Complete all the quests and soon enough you will have the mission titled, “Fall on My Enemies”, you will need to complete a few tasks before you can get to it, but it is a great mission in the game and will team you up with Stormzy for this one.

This is all there is to know about can you play as Stormzy in Watch Dogs: Legion. There are plenty of things that you should check out, like how to Upgrade Weapons in the game, check it out right here on Gamer Tweak.