Anthem Storm Gear: All Exclusive, Masterwork and Legendary Gears Guide

Storm the Magician is the only Javelin suit that gives you the power to inflict strong elemental damages. In Anthem Storm is strong if used wisely, this Javelin’s Ultimate abilities are striking and can destroy a group of enemies in on time. Flying is the second best powerful ability of Storm, the true Pilot Javelin suit is not made for land. In this guide, you can learn about Exclusive Components, Exclusive Focus Seals, Exclusive Blast Seals, and Support Gear.

All Storm Exclusive Components, Focus Seals, Blast Seals & Support Gear

Storm is best in the air and when the ultimate bar is full, calling up the fire from skies is pretty awesome. With some best, exclusive Storm can turn to be a fury from the sky.

Storm Exclusive Components:

  • Token of the Master: 60% Boost in Blast Seal Damage for 5 seconds after hurting an enemy with Focus Seal.
  • Mark of Wrath: 50% Boost in Blast Seal Ability damage till Focus Seal Cooldown.
    Amulet of Winter: 20% Boost in Weapon Damage for 20 seconds once you attack an enemy with Ice.
  • Tone of Precision: 60% Boost in Electric Damage for 5 seconds after killing an enemy using a sniper rifle and shooting the weapon point.

Storm Exclusive Focus Seal:

  • Chaotic Rime (Frost Shards): 125% Boost in Blast Seal Damage for 20 seconds after freezing enemy.
  • Ten Thousand Suns (Burning Orb): 5% Boost in Damage for 5 seconds after stacking it for 20 tunes.

To be a pro Storm Javelin Suit pilot ace the flight controls. It is little tough to handle it if you are new, Storm requires speed and control side by side. It stays in the air for a long time and capable of summon elemental attacks. Storm is all about being the best pilot, the Javelin Suit can’t do much on the ground. Pick your favorite place to camp and mark down the enemies, attack them from distance and clear your team path to victory.
The guide is not complete, keep visiting for more new updates.