How To Keep Water From Freezing In Minecraft

Here's a simple guide on how to keep water from freezing in Minecraft.

Water is an important resource in Minecraft so players are looking for ways to keep it from freezing. In this game, you can do tons of activities like farming, fishing, crafting, and much more. But to farm, you will need a source of water. In Snowy Biomes, it is difficult to find water. It also freezes over time so it’s important to learn how to prevent that. This guide will tell you how to stop water from turning into ice.

How to Keep Water from Freezing in Minecraft

Use torches to stop water from freezing

How Does Water turn to Ice?

To understand to stop water from turning into ice, it is vital to know the mechanics behind it. In Minecraft, water can turn into ice for the following reasons:

  • Water sources in cold biomes will turn to ice if it is directly exposed to the sky above the block.
  • It will freeze if the Light Level on all sides of the block is less than 13.
  • It will also freeze if there is at least one horizontally adjacent non-water block. Meaning, if you have a tank full of water, it will start turning to ice from the walls to the middle.

Now that you know the conditions in which water turns into ice, you can take countermeasures to prevent it.

How to Stop Water Freezing in Minecraft

The first condition states that water must be exposed to the sky. So the best method to keep it from freezing is to build a structure that covers the top of the block. The height of the structure does not matter as long as it prevents exposure from the top. By using the second condition, you can surround the water block with fire. There are multiple ways but the best choices would be Torches and Lanterns. This will stop the freezing and also provide light at night.

That’s everything from us on how to keep water from freezing in Minecraft. For more helpful guides like How to make Iron Ingot, visit our Minecraft section soon.