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Resident Evil 4 Remake Stone Tablet Puzzle: How To Solve

Can't solve the Resident Evil 4 Remake Stone Tablet puzzle? Check out our guide for the walkthrough and the puzzle solution to find Ashley in Chapter 8 Bindery.

Unable to solve the Stone Tablet Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake? Aside from beating Parasites and other monstrosities, you must complete several puzzles in the Resident Evil 4 remake. The Lithographic Stone Tablet is one of the puzzles that you will encounter at the end of Chapter 7. With Ashley being kidnapped, you must solve the puzzle to unlock the door and find her in Chapter 8: Bindery. While the door has one Lithographic Stone, you must find three more missing stones. So, check out our guide to find out the missing Lithographic stone tablet locations and the Puzzle solution.

How to Solve the Resident Evil 4 Remake Stone Tablet Puzzle

You can solve the Lithographic Stone Tablet puzzle in Re4 Remake by finding and placing the three missing tablets correctly. But before that, you have to find three missing stones. As the Lithographic Stone A is already placed on the door, you need to find the remaining Tablets B, C, & D to solve the puzzle. So, here’s where you can find the three Lithographic Stone tablets:

  • Lithographic Stone B: Near the locked puzzle door on the Bookshelf.
  • Lithographic Stone C: On the pile of books close to the entrance of the door.
  • Lithographic Stone D: Inside the glass cabinet near the corner of the room.

After finding the missing Stone tablets, you will notice that they have different shapes and symbols inscribed. So, you must rotate and arrange them correctly to unlock the door.

Lithographic Stone Puzzle Solution in Re4 Remake

resident evil 4 remake stone tablet puzzle solution
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Mentioned below is the correct order to place the Lithographic Stones and unlock the door:

  • Top: Place the Orange Shield inside the square shape. (Lithographic Stone C)
  • Left: Place the Orange Knight inside the hexagonal shape. (Lithographic Stone A)
  • Right: Place the Blue Sword inside the square shape. (Lithographic Stone D)
  • Bottom: Place the Blue Armor inside the hexagonal shape. (Lithographic Stone B)

Once you place them correctly, press the Confirm button to unlock the door. You will face several enemies like Ganados as you continue further to find Ashley. Note that since these enemies can explode, we recommend crowd-controlling the hordes.

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