How To Become Galactic Custodian In Stellaris

Find out how to climb your way up to being the Head of the Galactic Council in Stellaris

Stellaris is a grand-strategy MMO that involves space conquership and diplomacy. Particularly with the Federations and Nemesis expansion, the game introduces various different political structures and power dynamics like the Galactic Senate, Council and the Imperium. During times of crises like a pan-galactic war, Stellaris offers players to form Galactic Communities that enables bilateral diplomatic relations among member empires so that they can combine forces and face enemies on a united front. Sometimes the Galactic Senate may appoint the most powerful empire to be the Galactic Custodian to govern a more focused approach on the overall activities of the Council. In this guide, we will discuss all the steps required to become Galactic Custodian in Stellaris.

How to Get Appointed as Galactic Custodian in Stellaris

In order to become the Galactic Custodian, you will first need to be one of the influential members of the Galactic Council. Communities that are older than 20 years can choose to pass the resolution ‘Form Galactic Council.’ The members of this council are chosen by the Community members with the highest diplomatic weight.

Galactic Community

This is formed when an empire that has made communication with at least 70% of the other empires. You need at least 3 non-genocidal empires to establish a Galactic Community. The empires forming it can have any Ethics or Civics except Gestalt Consciousness and Fanatic Purifiers. After a Galactic Community is formed, an empire that wishes to join it can only do so with 100 Influence.

Stellaris How to Become Galactic Custodian

Galactic Council and The Custodian

Now, in order to be one of the Council members and be elected as Galactic Custodian in Stellaris, you must have high diplomacy and maintain positive relations with other members. The Council has the power to pass a number of high-tier resolutions and play a key role in crisis management. In order to become the head of council, you must push to pass the ‘Nominate Custodian’ resolution. This will prompt member empires to vote for who they want for the role of Custodian. At this point, you can try to sway votes your way either with diplomacy with friendly empires or calling in Favors. An important thing to remember is that AI empires will vote in favor of the majority candidate if the crisis level is high. So you should make sure to pass the resolution when the time is right.
Once you are elected and become the Galactic Custodian, you get access to a number of powers like freezing resolutions, ending a vote session after half-time and setting a Galactic Focus without referring to the Council. Your troops and ships also get free passage through any Senate member’s empires.

That is all you need to know on how to become a Galactic Custodian in Stellaris. If you want to know how to establish an Imperium, check out this guide on how to become a Galactic Emperor on GamerTweak.