What Are Steam Points And How To Get Them

Here is everything you need to know about Steam Points.

Around the Summer of 2020, Steam had introduced a new Points system called Steam Points. But what are they? What can I do with them? Are they Consumable? These might be some questions that are floating in your mind right now. In this guide, I will explain what Steam Points are and how you can get them as well as spend them.

What are Steam Points and what do I do with them?

steam points

Steam Points is a points system where you can use them to purchase certain items. Think of it as an in-game currency but for Steam. With this currency you can purchase only cosmetic items, so games are out of the question. The cosmetic items include Animated Avatars, Frames, Backgrounds, Badges, and Chat items. They can be seen on your Account Profile and can be used in your chat conversations. They are untradable and unsellable as well as permanent and will never expire. You can use them in Sales and get some exclusive Cosmetics.

How do I get them?

Doing any kind of purchase or transaction will reward you with Steam Points except for funding your Steam Wallet or for any Community Market purchases. First, the amount that you have spent will be converted to USD and then you will be given these Points based on it. The conversion rate of Steam Points from USD is 100:1. Another way of getting them is if someone else has granted you an award for your user review on a game. If you buy a game, you will get the Steam Points into your account but if you refund it will deduct the same amount.

What can I get with them?

As mentioned before you can get some dope cosmetic items. You can use them in a section known as the Points Shop. The Points Shop is where all purchasable cosmetic items are. Let’s say you can get animated borders around your Player Profile Pic. Maybe some neat Animated Stickers. Also, Badges are cool and all but there are there just to show how much money you have spent in the game. As mentioned above you can award people’s reviews. Not only do they get an Award but also some Steam Points.

This was all about Steam Points. Hopefully, this was helpful in clearing your doubts surrounding them. You can also check out our guides on Best Anime Games and Fixing Disk Write Error in Steam.

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