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Lost Ark Steam Player Count: How Many Players? Is Lost Ark Dead?

How many people play Lost Ark on Steam (what's the Player Count)? Here are some Steam stats to find out if Lost Ark is a dead game or not.

Lost Ark is an MMOARPG that was released in South Korea in 2019. Ever since its release there, players in the West have waited for its arrival with bated breath. Now, players in North America, South America, and Europe also get added to the mix, which leads us to the question – What’s the Lost Ark Steam Player Count? Is Lost Ark thriving or is the game dead?

Lost Ark Steam Player Count – How Many Players?


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The best way to see legit Steam Player count of Lost Ark and other statistics for it, head over to the Steam & Game Stats page. At the time of writing, Lost Ark was ranking #4, following CSGO, DOTA 2, and Elden Ring. The current player count is 394,975 and peak today (14th March 2022) in 660,051. It has also crossed 20 million players in early March 2022 which is a huge feat.

Is Lost Ark Dead?


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As you can tell by the number of players, Lost Ark is one of the top 5 games on Steam. It has a huge following and the game is massive – there’s too much content for players to enjoy. Plus, it’s not yet released worldwide and when that happens, the player count is going to grow exponentially. So, no, Lost Ark is nowhere close to dead.

Depending on the hype for the game, though, the number of players can fluctuate. This can place Lost Ark above or below the aforementioned games based on various factors such as new updates, other highly-anticipated games releasing and taking up the spot, etc.


You can check out the top 10 games on Steam by current player count and know the number of “current players” and “peak today”. That’s not all – you can also view all of the top 100 most played games on the platform via the Steam & Game Stats page.

If you’re planning to play LA or already have started playing, be sure to head over to our Lost Ark guides section to know some hidden tricks. It will help you unlock certain important elements of the game much more easily.

And that’s everything about Lost Ark Steam Player Count and if the game is dead or not. If you’d like to know more about the maintenance schedule and server downtime for this game, here’s how to find out.