How To Restore SteamOS On Steam Deck (Recovery Image)

Want to restore your SteamOS on Steam Deck? Here's how you can use the Recovery Image to get the job done.

With the help of Steam Deck Recovery Image, players can easily re-image their SteamOS. But in this process, all the Steam Deck Data such as user info, installed games, applications, and OS will be deleted. Consider it as a complete factory reset and installation of a new SteamOS on this handheld. With that out of the way, here’s how you can  install the new SteamOS.

How to Re-Image Steam Deck (Get Recovery Image)

Follow the steps below to re-image your Steam Deck:

  • Head over to your Internet Browser and download Steam Deck Recovery Image.
  • After that, insert a USB Drive (minimum 8GB) into your device.
  • Now download any of the following utility software for your respective devices:
    • Rufus for Windows
    • Balena Etcher for MacOS and Linux.
  • You have to use the above software to write the Steam Deck Recovery Image to your USB Drive. Doing so will format your USB Drive.
  • Next, eject your USB Drive from the system and insert it into your Steam Deck handheld when it is switched off.
  • Now, press and hold the power button and volume down button simultaneously to enter the Boot Menu.
  • From there, select your ‘EFI XYZ USB Device’ from the list and wait for the system to boot up.
How to Re-Image Steam Deck (Get Recovery Image)
Image Source: Shane Craig
  • Once Steam Deck booted, select the Re-Image Steam Deck option and Proceed.
  • Wait for the system to format and restore the SteamOS on your Steam Deck.

You have now successfully used the Recovery image to format and reinstall the SteamOS. Besides Re-imaging, you have other options such as Clear local user data, Reinstall Steam OS, & Recovery tools. Here, re-imaging Steam OS is better than reinstalling it. That’s because the first option will clear all the bad entries from the system and give you a fresh experience.

That’s all for installing Steam Deck Recovery Image by Re-imaging. For more such informative content, make sure to check out our Steam Deck section. We have a bunch of such helpful guides stacked up there.