Remnant 2: Status Effects And How To Cure Them

Here is all you need to know on every status effect and its cure in Remnant 2.

Status Effects in Remnant 2 can massively impact your Archtype’s performance and also lead to their death. As you keep exploring different worlds, you will be struck by such effects which will hamper your progress. Since there are several such status effects, it can be hard to keep track of how they impact your character and what you can do to cure them. Luckily, you can use medicines to get rid of these negative debuffs. Our guide will show you how to cure Status Effects in the game.

Every Status Effect in Remnant 2 and How to Cure Them

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Mentioned below is a table describing all status effects and their cures in Remnant 2.

Status Name Status Effect Cure
Bleeding This causes damage over time effect that will cause you to take damage continuously for 20 seconds. It will also reduce the effectiveness of healing by 50% and can stack up to three times. Bandages
Burning Similar to Bleeding, Burning also causes a DOT effect for 10 seconds. It can be stacked up to three times. Mud Rub
Corroded Decreases your Armor which leads to an increase in damage taken from enemies. You will have to increase your Acid Resistance to cure it. Antidote
Cursed Causes poison damage over time and Reduces maximum health per stack, can stack up to five times max. Purified Salve
Overloaded If your Overloaded bar is full, all attacks will trigger an electrical explosion every few seconds for a short duration. Ethereal Orb
Root Rot Results in a coughing fit every 10 seconds which can greatly decrease movement speed. Oilskin Balm
Suppressed When active, you are unable to use any skills or perks. Timeworn Unguent

Where to Find Status Effect Cures in Remnant 2

You can get cures for various status effects in Remnant 2 from Dr. Norah, Ward 13’s town doctor. Stock up on bandages, balms, salves, antidotes, and the like before you go out to battle. You can also find these medicines in chests across different worlds. However, these cures are few and far between which is why buying them from Dr. Norah is the most reliable option.

That’s everything you need to know on all the Status Effects and their Cures in Remnant 2. We hope that this turned out to be useful. For more such guides, head to our Remnant 2 section.