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All New State of Survival Codes (July 2021)

Here's a list of active State of Survival codes and what each code provides.

The State of Survival is arguably one of the most popular mobile games. Making your gameplay easier, we have brought to you a couple of State of Survival codes that can get you enough resources, speed-ups, Biocap, and much more things that you will need to survive in the game. Before I reveal the list of codes, let me tell you that these codes are time-restricted and could be expired at any time. So, make sure to redeem the following codes as soon as possible.


The game is all about defending your friends and yourself from getting infected with the virus. To save yourself from getting attacked by Zombies and Monsters, you will have to build a city, which can only be built if you have enough resources and useful items.

All-State of Survival Codes List

There are multiple ways to get all the latest and new codes but we would recommend bookmarking this page because we will update this list whenever new SoS codes become available on the internet.

The only reason why we are requesting you to visit this page from time to time is we test and verify codes before updating here.

State of Survival Active Codes


  • SFA773217A67: x1 Epic Hero Badge, x 1 Elite Hero Fragment, x2 1K Gas, x2 1K Metal, x2 1K Food, x2 1K Wood, x2 5m Training Speedup, and x2 Combat Manual I
  • SD406B202C12: 50 Biocaps, x1 Epic Hero Badge, x1 Epic Hero Fragment, x1 Advanced Search Map, x5 1K Gas, x5 1K Metal, x5 1K Food, x5 1K Wood, x4 5m Training Speedup, x4 5m Construction Speedup, and x4 5m Research Speedup
  • s13a9a1d3804: 50 Biocaps, x1 Advanced Search Map, x3 1K Gas, x3 1K Metal, x3 1K Food, x3 1K Wood, x3 5, Training Speedup, and x3 5m Research Speedup
  • sos8282: x500 Biocaps, x2 Epic Search Maps, x1k Food, x1k Wood, and x20 5 minute speed-ups.

Expired Codes

The following promo codes can’t be redeemed in July 2021.

  • solidvideosos
  • SOSpring
  • sos999
  • sos1234 
  • Countdown
  • Samsung
  • VK60K
  • SoSHaematom
  • woahaematomsos
  • chaos: 500 Biocap, x1 Advanced Search Map, x1000 1K Food, and x1000 1K Wood
  • alarm: 600 Biocap, and x1 Advanced Search Map
  • sosniko: x1 1K Biocaps, x2 Epic Search Map, x100 200 Chief EXP, x10 Rusty (Fragments), x300 1K Metal, x300 1K Food and x300 1K Wood. (Just for New Players)
  • cometogether: 400 Biocap and x10 5m Speedup

How To Redeem codes in the State of Survival?


To redeem codes in 2021, players will need to launch the game first and search for the Settings Menu. Once found, click on the Gift Redemption button and enter the valid code to get your reward.

That’s everything you need to know about State of Survival codes.