Best Mods In State Of Decay 2

A List of Mods for State Of Decay 2 that will spice up your gameplay.

Mods are one of those things that can bring fun and joy to your game. It can also bring more depth to your game by adding new content. What better place to use Mods than a Zombie apocalypse game like State Of Decay 2. The possibilities are endless and I am going to show you some good Mods in State Of Decay 2.

Best Mods in State Of Decay 2

Community Editor

community editor

Usually, in games, you save a snapshot of your progress. This progress you can then later access it and continue from where you left off. That’s how it was till this Mod came to be. With the Community Editor, you can edit your saved file. So you can change up certain things like maybe granting you that weapon you missed while you were exploring or maybe fix up some equipment. Although this Mod seems like a busted Mod, it can only change the stuff that’s in the saved file. It has no power beyond it.

Vehicles Have 100 Inventory Slots

vehicles have 100 inventory slots

Storage is an important concept in games. Games give you a limited amount of Storage space in which you have to decide what you must carry or store. In State Of Decay 2, Vehicles allow you to store items but are limited. The Vehicles Have 100 Inventory Slots Mod counteracts this issue. As it is mentioned in the name, this Mod gives your Vehicles 100 Inventory Slots. This should be enough for you to carry your entire base and relocate if necessary. Alternatively, you can carry an Army’s worth of Guns and Ammunition and go bonkers on the Zombies.

State Of Decay 2 Mod Manager

state of decay 2 mod manager

Getting Mods for games isn’t a new concept nor it will stop. Sometimes you will install more than one Mod into your game. Since Mods are made by thousands of Modders some of them can have a conflict between them. To avoid this you install the State of Decay 2 Mod Manager. This Mod will help you manage all of the Mods that you install into State Of Decay 2. It will manage your paks and cooked folder, detecting conflicts, finding lost assets, and generally just being an awesome Mod. Mods like these are just a blessing. the Mod also supports Custom Content Integration, General Features which allows you to modify files, Developer Mode for unpacking and packing mods and the cooked folder, and a section for users wishing to create mods.

Short Night

short night

In games like State Of Decay 2, there is a day and night cycle. Usually, The Day phase is to be safe as the enemies are fewer and it’s easier to do stuff. Night Phase is a whole different story, where anything goes. Hordes of enemies can appear and ruin your gameplay. In such cases, this Mod will come to use. The Short Night Mod reduces the Night Phase and significantly increases the Day Phase.

Light-Bright’s improved Flashlight and Headlights

light-bright's improved flashlight and headlights

State Of Decay 2 is a Zombie survival game. To fit the theme the game tends to be dark. This is great for the immersion but let’s say you are a content creator for the game and want to record the game, but the game is too dark to be recorded. Or you just want things to be bright, then this Mod is for you. The Light-Bright’s improved Flashlight and Headlights Mod improves all light sources in the game like Car Headlights and Flashlights. This will improve your Nighttime expeditions in State Of Decay 2.

These Mods are some of the popular ones and these are the best mods in my opinion. Hopefully, this guide has helped better your gaming experience in State Of Decay 2. You can also check out our guides on our website Gamer Tweak.