WOW Brave Researchers: How To Start Questline

Here's how you can start the Brave researchers questline in WoW Dragonflight.

The World of Warcraft Dragonflight features various kinds of quests players can complete. One of these includes the Brave Researchers questline which has players completing different types of Research quests. You can complete this chain of quests to earn several rewards and Dragonscale Expedition reputation XP. But before you get on with this questline, there are some prerequisites you must complete to unlock this quest. So, here’s how you can start the Brave researchers questline in WoW Dragonflight.

How to Start the Brave Researchers Questline in WoW Dragonflight

wow brave researchers start questline
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You can start the Brave researchers questline by completing the Behavior Analysis “Homework” quest from Iyali. You can find her located to the south of the Walking Shores map in Dragonscale Basecamp. As you head to this location, you can find her on top of the cliffs in the northeast direction.

Follow the below steps to start the Brave Researchers questline in World of Warcraft:

  • Interact and talk to Iyali who will ask you for some help with her Junior Research project.
  • Select the first option, Behaviour Analysis “Homework” and accept the quest.
  • This quest involves petting three Sleeping Whelps and reporting back to Iyali.
  • As soon as you accept the quest, you will find three circles on the Mini-map. These circles indicate the locations of the Sleeping Whelps.
  • Be cautious of the other dragons that might attack you while heading to these locations.
  • Once you have petted the three Whelps, head back to the Dragonscale Basecamp and talk to Iyali.
  • You need to select the “Report Whelp behavior” option and answer all the questions.
  • After finishing the report, interact with Iyali again, and select the Complete quest option.

You will earn different rewards along with Experience and Dragonscale Expedition Reputation once you complete this quest. But this quest is simply a start in the long chain of different quests.

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