How To Get Spark Of Ingenuity In WoW Dragonflight

Here is how to get a spark of ingenuity to grow your character stronger in WoW Dragonflight.

Spark Of Ingenuity is one of the most sought-after items in WoW Dragonflight as it is used in the crafting of Epic-quality items. It is an end-game item essential to make your build strong and powerful. This guide will show you how to get them.

How to Obtain the Spark Of Ingenuity in WoW Dragonflight

valdrakken map wow dragonflight

Before attempting to get Spark Of Ingenuity, you have to complete the full campaign of WoW Dragonflight. Once you are done with that part, your next step is to get to Valdrakken and make your way to the fountain near the entrance of The Seat of Aspects.

Now speak with Therazal and accept his quest. After that go to the east side of the city to speak with Greyzik Cobblefinger. Complete his Jump-Start? Jump-Starting quest in order to meet the Maiden of Inspiration and accept her quest In Tyr’s Footsteps.

Next, you will go meet Maiden of Inspiration in The Azure Span where you will get another quest called First Challenge of Tyr: Finesse to follow up on the previous one. You will be sent back to the Engine of Innovation in Valdrakken when you finish this quest and upon returning you will get the Fueling the Engine quest. This will give you your first Spark of Ingenuity after completing it.

Getting More Sparks Of Ingenuity

sparks of ingenuity quest wow dragonflight

Once you have your first Spark Of Ingenuity, you can earn four more in WoW Dragonflight. These can be earned by completing the next steps in the Engine of Innovation questline. Doing this quest will award you with even more Sparks Of Ingenuity so you can keep upgrading your gear. Also, Remember that it is possible to earn Sparks of Inguinity on an alt without completing the entire campaign again.

That is all you need to know on how to get Sparks Of Ingenuity. For more WoW Dragonflight guides, check out our other articles such as how to find Fiery Soul and how to reach Shadowmoon Burial Grounds In WoW Dragonflight.