How To Throw Grenades In Starfield

We'll show you how to equip and throw grenades on both PC and Xbox, as well as where to buy or loot them in your journey.

While exploring the new planet in Starfield, you’ll no doubt encounter hostile encounters with pirates, bandits, and other threats. Grenades can provide a major tactical advantage to help gain the upper hand in fights and take down groups of enemies efficiently. We’ll explain how to equip and throw grenades on both PC and Xbox in Starfield.

How to Use Grenades in Starfield

How To Throw Grenades In Starfield

Equipping grenades in Starfield can significantly enhance your combat capabilities, allowing you to deal devastating damage to enemies and gain a strategic advantage.

To equip grenades in Starfield, you’ll need to access your inventory. Once your inventory is open, navigate to the Throwables tab. As you select, you’ll notice a small white mark in the upper left corner of the grenade’s icon. This mark indicates that the grenade is now selected and ready for use.

  • Press G on PC or RB on Xbox to throw a grenade, but be warned that aiming is not precise – the grenade will be thrown in the direction you are facing rather than allowing you to aim.
  • You can add grenades to your Favorites menu to make it easier to access different grenade types during combat. This will place the grenade in your Favorites menu, which can be accessed by pressing Q on PC or any direction on the D-pad on Xbox.

How to Get Grenades

You can buy grenades from specialized gun shops. Most grenades are found at the Centaurian Arsenal, Best Defense, and Laredo Firearms.

An alternative method of obtaining grenades is to loot containers. Although this method is unreliable, it can allow you to get grenades without spending any credits. Additionally, you can attempt pick pocketing enemies who exhibit suspicious behavior or are vulnerable to stealth approaches.

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