How To Fix Starfield Ship Reactor Class Error (Exceed Reactor Class)

You can fix the Starfield ship reactor class bug by matching module and reactor classes. Here are the details.

With a highly complex ship builder, Starfield gives players a great deal of freedom to customize their ships. However, this also means that errors may arise, and the Reactor Class is often the root of these issues. This guide will explain how to fix the Starfield ship reactor class error.

Starfield Ship Reactor Class Error Explained

Starfield Ship Reactor Class Error

In Starfield, your ship’s modules each have a class – A, B, or C. However, your reactor limits the maximum class you can equip. If you try to use a module that exceeds your reactor’s class, you’ll get an error— “Ship contains modules that exceed reactor class.”

This happens because your reactor provides power to your ship’s systems. Higher-class modules require more power than a lower-class reactor can’t offer. You need to make sure all modules match or are lower than your reactor’s class.

Fixing the Ship Reactor Class Error

Always check the module and reactor classes to ensure everything matches up. Pay attention to the in-game tooltips for clear classifications. There are two main ways to resolve this error:

Downgrade Modules

When you first start the game, you can only equip Class A modules because your default Piloting skill only allows a Class A reactor. If you have modules that are too powerful for your reactor, you’ll need to replace them with ones of an equal or lower class. Check the class of your engines, weapons, shields, etc., and swap any too advanced.

Upgrade Your Reactor

Alternatively, you can upgrade your reactor to a higher class, allowing you to keep more powerful modules. However, upgrading your reactor requires having a high enough Piloting skill rank. As you level up Piloting, you’ll unlock the ability to equip higher-class reactors. Rank 3 Piloting allows a Class B reactor, and Rank 4 allows a Class C reactor.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to fix Starfield ship reactor class error. If you found this guide helpful, check out other such articles like how to build and customize a spaceship, or find here the best ship tier list. Moreover, you can take a look at our Starfield dedication section.

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