Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Official Gameplay Video

Checkout the latest 15 Minutes official game-play

EA Play 2019 Kicked off with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in Los Angelos, a never seen before 15-minute gameplay video reveals the fresh new story that takes place after some three hours of the actual gameplay. The Jedi has a robot assistant this time and uses the grapple like Batman to pass over obstacles along with walking on the walls. In this video, you can view Imperial Refinery a massive guarded colony of enemies.

The video reveals the core mechanism where the lightsaber is more than a weapon, it can act as a source of light in dark, a boomerang that can be thrown to attack enemies, etc. Plus the Jedi has additional skills and force to stop giant wheels, stun enemies, etc. And of course, the cute little robot BD-1 who can unlock doors.

The gameplay video also reveals some interesting enemies like giant robots and the game looks amazing.