Star Wars Battlefront II failing launch expectations

Star Wars Battlefront 2 went from being the most anticipated game in 2017 to being the most notorious thanks to its pay-to-win loot box progression. Fans were angered all over the world as this game, which was dreamt up to be the perfect amalgamation of filmmaking and video game entertainment. The hype around this game was huge before it’s release but soon after the game broke out, the progression mechanics made it nearly impossible for fans to take part in an adventure as it was blocked by a paywall.

EA stated on their website that there was a huge disturbance during the game’s release stating, “However, the launch did not go as planned. With the understandable frustration around progression in the game, a decision to change the initial Crate system was made. A large part of the team was put on the task to fix the game’s economy and progression. This new system was implemented in March – one without random progression and where everything is unlockable through gameplay“.

This misstep by the industry giant was felt heavily as their stock plummeted costing about $3 billion dollars in damages and the developers attained a rather unwanted achievement as this comment was the most downvoted comment in Reddit history.

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EA, however, did not shelve the game as there are millions of Star Wars fans and has kept up with the continuous release of DLC’s and 2019 seem like a big year for the developer because characters like, Count Dooku, Anakin Skywalker and a host of Clone Troopers are set to be introduced as playable characters with a new mode featuring command posts and capital ship takedowns.

This news has given the players a new perspective and a new reason to pick up the title again and finally, things seem to be in motion for what should have been since the day of its release.

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