Star Ocean 2 R Tier List 2024 (Best Characters)

Get the best characters from this Star Ocean 2 R tier list and create an indestructible team.

Offering the perspective of two heroes Claude and Rena, Star Ocean The Second Story R lets you recruit different characters. Though you’ll be playing as Claude or Rena, you can have Opera, Celine, Precis, Ashton, and others fighting by your side. Now, this might have made you curious about the best characters in the game. If it did, here is a Star Ocean 2 tier list to recruit the top ones.

This JRPG like other RPGs of Square Enix takes you on a long adventure. You’ll be meeting many friends and foes. But to stay on your path and get the desired ending you need a strong team. And this tier list will help achieve that.

Star Ocean The Second Story R Tier List

Star Ocean The Second Story R Tier List
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As the main focus of the game is the story, there aren’t many characters. But the characters that are present are powerful and useful. They come from different backgrounds and have known and unknown purposes for accompanying you. Your choices will shape the ending. But to reach the end faster, you need the best characters from this Star Ocean 2 tier list.

S Tier

  • Precis: Using her mechanical Robot Puncher and the tools she has developed, she can take down anyone. At an earlier phase, she might not be the best. But after you have developed her, you’ll start seeing why she ranks top.
  • Welch: Welch is also an inventor but a shady one. Her purpose is unknown, yet power is second to none. She performs exceptionally well with the baton she holds and crushes the enemies.

A Tier

  • Ernest: Ernest is a proven mid-range fighter of the man-made planet Tetragenesis. He is a renowned archeologist and adventurer. And excel at dealing with monsters. So, use him during monster fights.
  • Opera: She also hails from the Tetragenesis, but is a heiress from the noble family Vectra. As habits of that planet are skilled at techs, she holds a powerful weapon.
  • Dias: Dias is a sword master known all around the Expel. His purpose is strength, so he uses all manner of cutting and slashing weapons. And specializes in a long-range attack with the use of magic and sword arts.
  • Chisato: Chisato is a rookie reporter who has mastered Jingo martial arts.

B Tier

  • Claude: Claudie though unsure of himself, wields more power than he thinks. And that is why is a second lieutenant in the Pangalactic Federation.
  • Ashton: Possessing a two-headed dragon Ashton fights mixing Symbology and dual-sword style.
  • Bowman: Bowman is an expert pharmacist who uses martial arts, Qigong, and medical concoction in combat.
  • Celine: A gifted user of Symbology. She is good as a support but is weak at close combat.
  • Leon: He is a good supporter, who can cast darkness, water, and void magic. It is better to keep him in the rear though. Like Celine, he’s not good at close combat.

C Tier

  • Noel: Being a first-class Symbologist he can weave powerful spells.
  • Rena: Rena comes with unique healing skills.

That’s all on the Star Ocean 2 R tier list. If you found this guide useful and are looking for more RPGs from Square Enix, skim our video game guides and tier lists. We have covered many story-rich role-playing games.