Vampire Survivors Stage Killers Location To Unlock Sir Ambrojoe

Here's a detailed guide on Stage Killers location and how to unlock Sir Ambrojoe in Vampire Survivors.

Stage Killers are a class of monsters you will fight in Vampire Survivors. This indie rogue-like game by Poncle places you on a map and sends waves of monsters toward you. Your sole purpose is to survive against them for as long as possible. To do so, you will get many weapons, upgrades, and passive items. You can also start with different characters and their unique weapons. But first, you must complete certain criteria to unlock them. Sir Ambrojoe is one such character you can unlock in this game, but first, you will have to find Stage Killers. This guide will tell you all you need to know on how to get Sir Ambrojoe.

Where to Find Stage Killers to Unlock Sir Ambrojoe in Vampire Survivors

Kill 6000 Stage Killers to unlock Sir Ambrojoe

In this game, you can unlock multiple levels, each with its unique monsters. Some of the strong monsters can drop Treasure Chests or can unlock new characters.

Stage Killers Location

First, you will have to unlock Cappella Magna. This is the fifth playable stage in Vampire Survivors. To find Stage Killers, you must survive in Cappella Magna for 21 minutes. Once you do, you will notice different colored variants of playable characters spawning as enemies. They also reappear at the 26-minute mark. These are the Stage Killer enemies and they have an Elite variant as well.

Unlocking Sir Ambrojoe in Vampire Survivors

In this game, you can unlock characters by completing a certain feat. Some of them must be done in the same run while others can be done over a period of time. To unlock Sir Ambrojoe in Vampire Survivors, you must kill 6000 Stage Killers or their Elite Versions. Once you do, you can purchase him for 500 Gold Coins. But this is easier said than done. The health of these enemies is based on your level. Meaning the higher your level, the tougher the enemy. Fortunately, you don’t have to complete it in a single run. So we recommend you use your best character and read our guide on how to beat Cappella Magna to survive till the 21-minute mark. Then you can kill them over multiple runs.

That’s all from us on where to find Stage Killers and how to unlock Sir Ambrojoe in Vampire Survivors. For more helpful guides like How to Beat Holy Forbidden, check out GamerTweak.