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SSD’s A Key To The Success of Next Generation Consoles

PS5 will be unbeatable

2020 will be the end of Loading Screens, it is shocking that Console Manufacturer’s are skipping this important upgrade from years and finally PS5 leaks and rumors confirm that SSD’s are the key to the success of NextGen Consoles like PS5. Why, well with over GB\s of reading and write speed the ever-rising size of Video Games is putting tremendous pressure on regular hard drive who’s power is restricted by the Max RPM they offer. SSD’s on the other side do not have moving parts, so they are the Flash of Hard Disk and having an SSD upgrade will play a vital role in making PS5 performable unbeatable.

New Xbox Series X with slogan Power Your Dreams is the first to pitch SSD upgrade this year followed by a complete transformation. Powered by AMD’s Zen 2 CPU and RDNA Graphics  Architecture, it runs on Custom-Designed SSD. GDDR6 SD Rum, Real-Time Ray Tracing Support, upto 120fpsand 8K is are some prominent features promised by Xbox Series X.


Release of Xbox Series X is scheduled around Q4 of 2020, near to the Holidays where PS5 is also lined up. New updates and leaks will be out in the year 2020, however, Sony is extremely quiet on its next-gen console.

PS5 leaked or in simpler words rumored specs reveals it will run on 8-Core AMD Chipset based on 3rd-Gen Ryzen architecture + Navi GPU, it will have an 8K TV Support and will use SSD as the default storage system. Two big players Microsoft and Sony seem very concerned about the SSD upgrade for consoles that will play a vital role in their success. Stepping in first Xbox announced its console with the storage upgrade and now its time for Sony.

PS4 was released in the year 2013 and outranked Xbox number of times, still, it is one of the most loved gaming consoles. PS5 is rumored to be coming in Holiday 2020 between October to December.