Slap Battles: How To Get Spy Glove

Spy Glove can disguise the user after killing its opponent in Slap Battles. Here is how to unlock this Glove

The Spy Glove in Slap Battles stands out from other Gloves due to its unique features. It may seem like an ordinary Glove but its ability to Backstab and Disguise makes it truly one-of-a-kind. The power of this Glove is 50 and its speed is 16, which makes it incredibly powerful. Additionally, when you slap a player from behind, the power of this item increases to 100, resulting in an instant kill. Moreover, your character will also disguise itself as the opponent after dealing 100 damage. The Spy Glove is a must-have glove in Slap Battles. Let us explore how to unlock this item.

How to Get Spy Glove in Slap Battles

Spy Glove In Slap Battles

The Spy Glove in Slap Battles is unlocked after you complete the Predator Badge achievement. Below are the steps to get the Predator Badge and unlock this Glove.

  1. Start Slap Royal Gamemode through the main spawn lobby.
  2. Find it on the right side of the spawn lobby in Slap Battles.
  3. Players have to get ten kills in this mode. Getting ten kills in this mode is difficult as the lobby here is competitive.
  4. You should win this match. Also, keep in mind, you won’t get the Predator Badge if you get ten kills and lose.

It requires high skill and familiarity with the game to get high kills and claim victory. After you have completed all the steps, you will receive the Predator Badge. It is a tough Badge to get though you can get ten kills and secure a win by grinding in the Slap Royal Gamemode. Once you have done this, the Spy Glove will be available in the main spawn lobby. Search through the gloves stands and equip it from there. Start killing opponents and disguise yourself right after you unlock it.

So, this was all on how to get Spy Glove in Slap Battles. If you are looking for the Recall Glove that allows you to recall yourself, here is the guide that will help you find it. Similarly, if you want to know how to unlock the Redacted Glove, check this guide on Gamer Tweak.