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Slap Battles: How To Get Redacted Glove

Redacted Glove can abduct enemies into the Redacted Dimension in Slap Battles. Here is how you can unlock it.

You can abduct players into the Redacted Dimension using the ‘Abduction’ ability of the Redacted Glove in Slap Battles. The power and speed of this Glove are also Redacted, making it a very different Glove from the others. Many players try very hard to unlock this Glove and find trouble doing so. Follow this guide if you want to get the Redacted Glove.

How to Get the Redacted Glove in Slap Battles

Redacted Glove In Slap Battles

To get the Redacted Glove in Slap Battles, a player requires 5000 slaps and is required to escape the Redacted Dimension. This Dimension is a dark green room that is shaped like an octagon having 12 doors. You will take damage for the time you are inside this Dimension, so you have to spend as little time inside as you can. Escaping through the right door is very difficult as there is only one right door, choosing the wrong door will kill you. Follow these steps below to get to the Redacted Dimension:

  1. Find a player or a friend with the Redacted Glove.
  2. Using the Abduction ability open a portal and get sucked into the Redacted Dimension.
  3. Once you are inside, you should see a dark room with doors and text written on the floor saying, “Choose wisely, There is only 1 correct door…”
  4. Try escaping through the right door. This may take some time but after you have escaped through the right door with 5000 slaps, you will receive the Evaded badge.
  5. Go to the spawn location and look for the Redacted Glove on the Glove Bridge and equip it from there.

That concludes this guide on how to get the Redacted Glove in Slap Battles. If you are looking for the Recall Glove that lets you recall yourself, here is the guide to unlock it and if you’d like to unlock the Spy Glove, we’ve got you covered.