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All Spy Academy Workbench Locations In Sniper Elite 5

Learn about the Locations of each Spy Academy Workbench in Sniper Elite 5 from this guide.

Sniper Elite 5 is the latest installment in the Series by Rebellion Developments. It brings back the feels of scoping to your target against real-world variables and hitting near-impossible shots. To do such physics-defying shots, we will need good Weapons. Don’t get me wrong, what we have is good but it can be made better with some upgrades. That’s where a Workbench comes into play. They are Weapon stations that allow us to upgrade our weapons & change our Loadouts. In this guide, I will show you how to get to all of the Spy Academy Workbench in Sniper Elite 5.

How to get to all Spy Academy Workbench in Sniper Elite 5


spy academy workbench sniper elite 5

Like every mission of the game, each of them has 3 Workbench. One for Rifle, Pistol, & SMG respectively. Each of their Locations is easily attainable as you will encounter them in your Map exploration. Here is how you can get to each of them.

SMG Workbench Spy Academy Location


On the Southeast part of the map, go to the Boot shaped building on the main road. Climb it and it will lead you to a Tunnel. You will see the Resistance Symbol on the side. Go to the end of the tunnel and you will reach the Armory with the SMG Workbench.

Pistol Workbench Spy Academy Location in Sniper Elite 5

From the East side of the main building of the map, there will be a staircase. On that staircase, you will find Josef Lowenstam. Kill him and you will get the Armory Key from him. From there, head towards the southern entrance. You will see a U-shaped building with a Square on it. The door to the Armory is at that Square. Go to it and unlock the Door. Get in and you found the Pistol Workbench.


Rifle Workbench Spy Academy Location

Go to the Northmost building on the map, it will look like a Fort, and stand on the north side. If you follow the path, you will find some Vines, and climb them. Keep climbing till you get to a pathway. Climb the staircase and you will reach the Armory with the Rifle Workbench.

This was all about the Spy Academy Workbench Locations in Sniper Elite 5. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like Best Skills To Unlock in Sniper Elite 5