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CSGO: How To Practice Spray Patterns On Map & Recoil Control

Here's how you can learn and Control Spray Patterns and master gunfights in CSGO.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive, or more widely known as CSGO is one of the most famous FPS games in the Counter Strike series. Created by Valve Corporation, CSGO is widely applauded for its loyalty to the gameplay structure of the Counter Strike series. Being an FPS game, you are going to spend most of your time in the game shooting at enemies. While it is not possible to win every gunfight in CSGO, it is important to learn and control your spray patterns and have a better recoil control. This guide has all you need to master your spray in Counter Stike Global Offensive.

How to Practice Spray Patterns & Control Recoil in CSGO

CSGO Master Spray Control

While it is not an easy task, practice can assist you to a great extent. But before we begin, it is important for you to know the difference between a Spray Pattern and Spray Control. We are giving a simple explanation regarding them since many players have been in some confusion.

As we have recoil for every gun and each is different, the Spray Pattern differs from gun to gun. The Spray Pattern is where the bullets have ended up contradicting the crosshair position. Spray Control is when you try to control the recoil of the spray by pulling the mouse downwards.

Once you master your Spray Patterns and Recoil Control in CSGO, you will have a much better close-range gunfight. This includes a better headshot and kill percentage and also spray transfer when against multiple opponents.

CSGO Learn and Control Spray Patterns

Since most believe that Bot Training is best for spray practice, where you can spray at multiple bots. We recommend you one up on that by adding the Recoil Master Spray Training workshop map. You can browse it by going to workshop maps and then search the above from Steam.

With this workshop map, you can have a much more intense and hard Spray Patterns practice which will help you learn and control them. You can increase the difficulty every time you manage to master a level. Since it is not objective-oriented, you can fix your headshot and damage goals and try to get as close to them.

Additionally, you need to execute what you practice to master your Spray Patterns in Counter Strike Global Offensive. We recommend you play a few Deathmatch. These will give you much better control over your Spray Patterns.

That’s all on how to learn and control Spray Patterns in CSGO. While you are here, make sure you check out our CSGO guides, tips, and tricks with Gamer Tweak.