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How To Spoil Meat Fast In ARK

This is your guide on how to spoil meat fast in ARK.

While spoiled meat is a dangerous consumable. However, players will find that this rotten food item does have its own uses in the game. Spoiled meat can be used for a couple of things in the game, such as narcotic. This is a great ingredient to tame animals with and is the preferred food for a couple of animals as well. If you want to know how to spoil meat and use it as fast as possible in ARK: Survival Evolved then this is the guide for you.

How to Make Meat Spoil Faster in ARK: Survival Evolved


How to Make Meat Spoil Faster in ARK: Survival Evolved

To get a ton of spoiled meat in ARK, you can follow any one of these methods:

Through Your Inventory


If you have a lot of meat stacked in your inventory then follow these steps:

  • Open your inventory
  • Hover over the meat in your inventory
  • Now, hold Left CTRL as you drag the same to another slot

It will take a while before you are able to get all the meat out into the different slots (or as much meat as your inventory can handle). You won’t have to put them into separate slots either. Just drag away from the stack into another one even if that one is already occupied.


Now, you can just leave them in their slots as you go about your business. Then, you can just come back for it in five minutes to get the spoilt meat fast.

Through a Storage Unit

However, the best way to spoil meat is by using a storage container. Now, all of this meat will spoil at the same time and will be ready in no time at all. You can use multiple storage spaces to spoil more meat at the same time.


Uses for Spoiled Meat in ARK: Survival Evolved

You can use spoiled meat for the following reasons:


To make narcotic, you will need to combine narcoberries with spoiled meat. This will help you keep creatures tame as you keep them asleep.

Taming Food

Certain creatures prefer spoiled meat over raw or cooked ones. These creatures are:

  • Araneo
  • Arthropluera
  • Karkinos
  • Pulmonoscorpius
  • Vulture

Kill Characters

You can even kill characters like enemies or your own character if in a tricky situation. Force feed enemies to kill them when knocked out or captured.

This was your guide on how to spoil meat in ARK: Survival Evolved. If you liked this guide then check out this one on where to find Shadowmanes in Ark Fjordur.