Does Splitgate Have SBMM?

Does Splitgate have Skill-Based Matchmaking? Find out here.

As more and more players are trying out this Halo x Portal title, they are wondering – does Splitgate have skill based matchmaking (SBMM)? In this article, we will dive deeper into it and how it works in the game.

Does Splitgate have SBMM?

splitgate skill-based matchmaking

The answer isn’t fully straightforward but yes, Splitgate has a skill-based matchmaking base. So, based on your skill level, you will end up playing with others of the same level. You won’t get placed in a match with someone who is just starting out or of a lower skill. All in all, this will ensure that the match is fun and challenging for everyone involved at whichever stage they are at.

As you may already know, this whole concept of SBMM is controversial in the world of gaming. Many games don’t even reveal if they have SBMM. Some have, though, and Fortnite, COD MW, Warzone and Apex Legends are some of them.

Basically, the ELO rating system takes into consideration the player’s performance as well as the statistics and winning matches surely gives them a boost. On the other hand, getting losses will make your rating go down as well. Every game that implements this does things a bit differently too. Some games take a lot of data to decide a player’s ranking, while some have separate systems for separate modes. Plus, your team members and enemies come into the picture too. Those who quit matches will get punished accordingly and those who keep improving will see their ratings improve as well. Carrying an entire team? It may reflect in your ratings.

Many players don’t like SBMM because those with high skills feel like that don’t get a chance to show off the skills they have mastered because everybody is almost around the same level. Plus, some say that it takes the fun away from games because every match becomes super competitive.

Now, Splitgate’s ranked matchmaking is based on ELO. The other modes which are more casual have a “toned down” version of the SBMM that you will see in ranked. You can call it loose SBMM. So, in this case, all kinds of players have an opportunity to feel the challenge and excitement that every Splitgate game has to offer.