Spiritfarer Co-op Multiplayer: How To Play With Friends

Wondering how to play with friends in Spiritfarer Co-op Multiplayer mode? Is there online co-op, split screen or shared screen multiplayer? Find out here.

Spiritfarer is a brand new indie adventure game that is all about spirits. It was released on August 18, 2020 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. Players can do a lot of interesting and engaging stuff in the game like building, farming, fishing, cooking, crafting and more. There’s also a multiplayer mode in the game but many gamers don’t know about it. In this guide, we will explain all about the Spiritfarer co-op multiplayer and how to play with friends.

How to Play Spiritfarer Co-op Multiplayer with Friends

The game doesn’t have online co-op nor does it have combo co-op (that is local + online). What it does feature is local co-op for 2 players on a shared screen. That means friends can sit on the couch and enjoy the game together.

Once you have got your individual inputs for each player (two inputs), you have to sign in to Xbox Live or PSN for consoles. On PC, just connect the inputs. Doing this will let you play Spiritfarer’s Co-op Multiplayer mode.

The main character is Stella and she has a partner in Daffodil, her cat. How co-op works is that one player will play as Stella and the other will play as the cute cat. Each player can choose a character but there’s something that the one playing as Daffodil should remember. Being a cat, Daffodil cannot talk to other characters but other than that, it will be able to do everything.

We have covered more Spiritfarer content on Gamer Tweak like how to fast travel easily and how to get Jellyfish so be sure to check them out. If you don’t know what this game is all about, basically it is about caring for your spirit friends and then releasing them into the afterlife. It is relaxing yet emotional since you have to create wonderful memories with your friends. But then, soon it will be time to say goodbye.