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How To Get Jellyfish In Spiritfarer Easily

In this guide, we explain how to get Jellyfish in Spiritfarer easily. Know the entire process from finding the location to catching them.

Spiritfarer is an indie game that has a deeply emotional aspect. It revolves around your character who is a ferrymaster for the dead. It’s a cozy management game as the developers call it and it is quite a unique concept. You are encouraged to explore, farm, mine, harvest, cook and even craft. There’s also a task where you need to find jellyfish. Don’t know where to look? Then this guide on how to get Jellyfish in Spiritfarer will help you out.

Jellyfish in Spiritfarer: Where to Find them

To get the jellyfish, you have to open the map. You will find it in the cabin so head over there after you talk to Gwen. This is how it looks.


When you see a dark blot on the map, set your destination as that area because that’s where to find Jellyfish in Spiritfarer.


You have to wait a bit until you reach the location. It will be indicated when the entire scene gets a dark tone. There are strong purple winds and it’s quite eerie overall. After you talk to Gwen who tells you to pop as many as you can, you will know that a lot of Jellyfish are heading your way. Meanwhile, Gwen will head inside so you are on your own.

Since it’s a mystical world, the appearance of the Jellyfish is also extraordinary. They will be floating towards you and you have to catch them. You can jump and move around to touch the Jellyfish. Get higher up if you need to because quite a lot of these creatures will be at a greater height. Don’t miss the Bright Jelly while you are at it.

So, that’s where to find Jellyfish in Spiritfarer and how to get them. If you want more such helpful guides about the latest games, we have them all on Gamer Tweak.