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Spelunky 2: Online Multiplayer Lag In PS4

Spelunky 2 is kind of not allowing multiplayer gaming.

The sequel of Spelunky which was eagerly awaited by fans has now released. The game builds upon its base adventure in the first installment. While the gamers are enjoying playing the single-player mode, the multiplayer doesn’t seem to be too promising. Many players have reported lagging and FPS issues on PS4. In fact, it looks like the developers Mossmouth and BitWorks are well aware of the situation and are working on a solution for it.


Online Multiplayer Lag in PS4 for For Spelunky 2

The game seems to be not ready yet for handling the influx of online multiplayer. Not all but a large volume of players are finding it difficult to plat the game seamlessly despite great connection. At times, the lag is so high that the game becomes unplayable.

Spelunky 2 does not use Sony’s servers, which is a clear indication that there is no fault from Sony’s side. The lag is caused solely due to bugs and issues on the developers’ servers.

Luckily, developers have acknowledged the problem and are working on a fix. Hopefully, PS4 players will be able to enjoy multiplayer gaming soon enough. Until then, we don’t have any choice other than waiting for a new patch that would solve the issue.

While waiting for the Spelunky 2 online multiplayer lag issues to be solved, you can enjoy playing the local single-player mode. The single-player mode is fine to play and doesn’t seem to have any major issues that can deteriorate your gaming experience.

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