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How To Get The Spellsparkler In BG3

We'll show you where to find the rare Spellsparkler in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3) and how to complete the quest.

The Spellsparkler is a magical weapon in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) that can give players an early advantage in combat. This rare mace grants an extra two Lightning Charges whenever you deal lightning damage with a spell. With the Spellsparkler equipped, casters can supercharge their offensive spells for added punch. We’ll explain where to find the Spellsparkler and how to obtain it for your magical arsenal.

Spellsparkler Location in BG3

How To Get The Spellsparkler In Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

You must go to Waukeen’s Rest on The Risen Road to obtain the Spellsparkler. It is located in the northern of the Act 1. When you arrive there, you will show a fire in the courtyard. Go to the north side and speak with the Paladins to begin the “Rescue the Grand Duke” quest.

Your objective is to rescue Counselor Florrick from the second floor of the burning building. Interact with her to help escort her out to safety and complete the quest.

Obtaining the Spellsparkler

After saving Counselor Florrick, speak with her again to collect your quest reward. You will choose between the Spellsparkler, Sparky Points, and Joltshooter. Select the Spellsparkler to add this unique lightning-based magic weapon to your inventory.

The Spellsparkler allows you to shoot bolts of lightning at enemies. It is a ranged magic weapon that utilizes Lightning Charges as ammo. The other two reward options are similar lightning weapons, but the Spellsparkler stands out for its ability to potentially jump to other nearby targets after hitting the initial enemy.

Other Rewards: Joltshooter and Sparky Points

On the other hand, the Joltshooter is a ranged weapon for those who value accuracy and stopping power. This sturdy longbow requires two hands to wield and has an impressive range. Each shot deals 1d8 damage with a piercing jolt.

Also, you can consider the Sparky Points trident for a more flexible melee and ranged option. The versatile Sparky Points boast the thrown property, allowing it to damage enemies at a distance.

Completing this full quest chain also unlocks more backstory about the Wyll.

That covers this guide on the Spellsparkler in BG3. If you are interested in other topics for this game then don’t forget to check out more of our BG3 guides.