How To Spare All Bosses In Sifu

Junaid Shaikh
3 Min Read

Sifu is known for its great fighting mechanics and the bosses but the game has a secret ending if you can spare the bosses. While the game has a focus on revenge, it wants you to break this cycle of revenge. Once you finish your first playthrough, you will realize that it’s actually a loop of revenge that your character is stuck in. The ending might give you some idea of what you need to do to get the true ending. Let’s take a look at how you can spare the bosses in Sifu to get the true ending.

How To Spare Instead Of Fight Bosses In Sifu

spare bosses option sifu

In order to Spare bosses in Sifu, you need to reach the second phase of any given boss fight. Once in the second phase, you will need to break the boss’s structure twice. Watch the bar on the top, this is the Structure bar and it needs to go all the way to red from yellow. Parrying and getting weapon hits on the boss is a great way to make it fill up faster.

Once the Structure bar is maxed out and red, hitting once or parrying will give you an option to ‘Takedown’. Do not take down the boss here, instead just wait and do nothing until they recover. When they have recovered, their structure will now be partially empty. This is where the fights take a turn from normal when you need to spare bosses in Sifu.

At this point, you need to max out the boss’s Structure bar yet again. However this time, you have to make sure their health bar does not get to zero. Make use of parries and light attack hits to make sure the health does not go down to zero. When the Structure bar is filled up for the second time, you will get an option to takedown again. But, this time you will also get a new dialogue option to spare the boss. Choose this and you will have successfully spared that boss and receive its reward.

This is how you can spare bosses in Sifu and get the true ending. For more guides like this, check out other articles on Sifu like how to avoid throws and how to get younger.