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Sifu: How To Get Younger

Trying to get younger in Sifu or reset your age? Keep reading this guide to learn how you can do that.

Each time you die in Sifu your death counter increases and so does your age. And the more you age the weaker your character gets. Hence many players are looking for ways to reduce or reset their age in Sifu. And if you are one of them, now you know that you are not alone. So in this guide let us take a look at how to get younger in Sifu.

How to Get Younger in Sifu

how to get younger in sifu

There is no actual way for you to get younger in Sifu. But there is a workaround, that can be quite tedious. One is to restart the level before beating it so that you can start at a young age. This will work only when you have your hands set on the stage and can beat it without dying. The second is by beating the stage and trying that level again after beating it. But what happens with the second method is for example if you complete The Club level at age 50 and with a death counter of 5. The next level that is The Museum will begin with the same age and death counter.

While you may not be able to reduce or reset your age in Sifu. What you can do is reduce the death counter. You can do that by defeating special enemies. Alternatively, you can also reduce the death counter by buying its decreases from Shrines. This will help in preventing the death counter stack up and give you more chances before it is game over for you.

An important thing that you should know about deaths in Sifu is they are not all that bad. They increase your damage but balance it out by reducing your HP. This is an interesting mechanism, which if used well can even make the game easier for you.

That covers everything you need to know about how to get younger in Sifu and if you can reduce or reset your age. If you like playing this game then check our other guides on how to fix Sifu on not downloading on PS4 & PS5 and how to dodge, block & parry.