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How To Play And Master Sova In Valorant

Sova’s abilities in Valorant helps him track his opponent’s movement right from the beginning, a master stalker in his craft Sova will use his recon drone to be one step ahead of his opponents. If you are wondering how to get better in Valorant as Sova, you will need to read the rest of this guide.

Sova Abilities To Master in Valorant


Sova has mastered the ability of silent stalking and his entire persona is designed around it, his silent but deadly arrows make him a great assassin added with the ability to send drones into, you will never know when and where Sova hit you from.

Sova players need to be vigilant and sneaky with the character to get the maximum out of their time playing as Sova.

Shock Bolt


Unlike the ordinary bolt will burst up and shock the opponent upon impact. This ability is great when you’re in a hurry and have a fraction of a second to hit your target.

Owl Drone

This ability lets you use a drone that you can then maneuver to get intel on enemy location and even fire darts at your opponent revealing them.


Recon Bolt

This is Sova’s signature ability, this works as a sonar device that will mark enemy location revealing them to you on the map.

Hunter’s Fury (Ultimate Ability)


is Sova’s ultimate ability, this gives Sova three energy blasts that can travel through walls, and whoever it hits will be greatly damaged. Moreover, their location will be revealed to the entire team.

Having a Sova character on your team is great for recon and stealth kills, but with these powers the responsibilities are massive. Sova mains often dictate the

This is all there is to know about how to play and master as Sova abilities in Valorant, make sure that you check out how to play using other characters like Viper in Valorant to be the best at the game.