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Minecraft – Sound Not Working Error Fix

Learn how to fix the Sound Not Working issue in Minecraft from this guide.

Minecraft is a sandbox game with an amazing look & colors. It is a unique choice as most games would stray away from the blocky pixel look. But couple that with the game’s sound design and you are in for a grand experience. Speaking of sound design, the game has a lot of ambient sounds and song tracks which makes every playthrough immersive. From the pleasant meadows where Bees buzz and fields to the horrifying depths of the caves, there is always something to be heard. But what if you can’t hear that sound? Sometimes a player will experience a Sound not Working issue where all the game sounds stop working. This ruins the experience & sometimes detrimental. In this guide, I will show you how to fix the Sound Not Working Error in Minecraft.

How to Fix the Sound Not Working Error in Minecraft


sound not working minecraft

The Sound Not Working Error in Minecraft usually occurs when the audio devices or drivers are not working or are not properly set up. The first thing you should be checking is if your Audio Device in use is your Headset. To do this, click on the audio button on your Taskbar and see the Audio Device. If it is not connected to your Headset then click on it and select the appropriate Device. This should fix your Sound Not Working Error in Minecraft.

If even after that your Audio is not working then hop onto your server and press F3+T. This Shortcut refreshes all resource packs which include sounds as well. This will refresh those files and the error should disappear. This will work regardless if you have resource packs or not. If that too doesn’t work then check your Audio drivers by searching Device Manager on your Start Menu. Select your Audio Device and update it.


The last trick you can try is by deleting your Server version and relaunching it. Do this by searching %appdata% in the Run Menu (Windows + R). Click on .minecraft and then versions. Now select the Server version and delete it. Then launch your server by making a new version it was running on. This will fix the issue at hand.

This was all about fixing the Sound Not Working Error in Minecraft. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like Minecraft Mobs Tier List.